• Member of Editorial Board at:

Journal of Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics (JEBE)

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (JEIM)

Journal of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Education (JWE)

Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review (EBER)

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Resilience (JEBR)

Independent Journal of Management & Production (IJMP)

European Journal of Applied Social Sciences Research

Revista de Administracao de Roraima (RARR)

International Review (IR)

Economic Analysis (EA)


  • Reviewer at:

Journal of Enterprising Communities, Emerald Publishing

Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues, Emerald Publishing, Egypt

International Journal of Business and Globalisation, UK

Independent Journal of Management & Production, Brazil

European Journal of Applied Social Sciences Research, UK

World Applied Sciences Journal, Iran

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Turkey

Journal of Marketing and Management of Innovations, Ukraine

African Journal of Marketing Management, South Africa

Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology, Romania

Journal of Research in International Business and Management, Nigeria

Journal of Acta Universitatis Danubius. Economica, Romania


  • MoU Coordinator:

MoU Coordinator, University of Tehran (UT) and Ondokuz Mayis University (OMU), 2013

Mevlana Exchange Coordinator, University of Tehran (UT) and Ondokuz Mayis University (OMU), 2013

MoU Coordinator, University of Tehran (UT) and Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (FBEE), 2012


  • Conferences/events: 

Member of Program Committee, International conference on Big Data and Advanced Wireless technologies, Bulgaria, 2016

Member of the Scientific Committee, 8th International Scientific Conference ENTRE 2016 “Entrepreneurship and Beyond”, Krakow, Poland, 2016

Referee, AIB 2014 and 2016 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 2014-2016

Referee, National Entrepreneurs of the Year, Iran, 2014-2015

Referee, Tehran Inventions Festival, Iran, 2015

Member of International Committee, Scientific Papers International Conference on Knowledge Society, Romania, 2014

Member of Scientific Committee, Annual  International Conference on Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade, Serbia; 2012- present

Member of Scientific Committee, 6th International Conference on Education and Creativity for a Knowledge based Society, Bucharest, Romania, 2012

Reviewer, International Engineering & Management Conference (ISI indexed conference), Malaysia, 2012


  • International Positions:

Member of European SPES Forum

Member of Asian Academy of Management Association


  • Book Reviews:
    Radovic Markovic, M., Nikitovic, Z., & Zanadu, L. C. (2017). Insights and Potential Sources of New Entrepreneurial Growth, Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade, Serbia. ISBN 978-88-95922-84-3